Burn Metropolis

by Happiness Machines

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Recorded at audioconfusion! Album Artwork by Tanline Printing/Jeff Collins!


released July 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Happiness Machines Tempe, Arizona

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Track Name: Chinatown SW
This broke down barren desert
Water never touched this earth
Life never touched the earth

From Colorado to California
We will fight a water war with ya
They'll fight a water war with ya

Our hypocrisy
It's the way we think
It's our boarders and bounties

And in our history
Violence was necessity
resources procured god willingly
Track Name: Happiness Machine
Lets appeal to irrational thought
This smoke is a torch of freedom
Intellect is irrelevant
This heard is hard wired

What are needs, whats desire?
When the markets not your mind conspire
Hollow with product placement
A heart of city concrete
We are a sadistic species
Danger always lurking

I'm aware, but I don't care
How could I care?
Track Name: Collapse
It's a game called survival
Survive this transition
I'm not a cog in your system

But what can I say
We take it day by day

If we can't sustain this lifestyle of energy
Finite and at it's peak
We can't abstain

If I could if I would do anything
Wish I would wish I could
But that's just wishful thinking
Track Name: Gibberish
It's bitter sweet
Oh so bitter sweet
The sound of the silence in my mind

Nothing to say
And I can't say nothing

And I think I'm getting far
On a lemon twist smile
Hasn't gotten me much
Sure wasn't worth the try

Nothing to say
And I can't say nothing

And I think I've got them fooled
I've got a top shelf attitude
Now they're giving me looks
And asking me to leave

You can't believe
No you won't believe
The sight of the sorrow
In their eyes

Nothing to say
And I can't say nothing

Now its fucked
The whole well has dried up
So's my capacity
To care
Track Name: Free Hitters
This world doesn't owe you anything
And all that blind rage
Isn't really saying something
With all these shades of gray
And your misplaced faith

This exhaustion is my mantra
Everyone wants to be a martyr
If you don't come to grips with it
Madness will quickly find you
Track Name: Weird Skies
I don't think that we've ever belonged
But I know we got no regrets
If they can't tell what I see in you
Then they'll never know what you see in me

No one ever knows
And nothing is set in stone

As we sail these seas of madness
Tides turn this ship of sadness
You can live your life by all their rules
Make life a glorified high school

I can't return
I can't return to Earth.